SO!™ Conferences – Home 2012

coming September 22nd
an Immersive Symposium and Dialogue
taking place in The Vortex Dome
@ LA Center Studios
Downtown Los Angeles
Also introducing an exciting new concept for an LA experiential showcase
of the lastest and greatest in emerging immersive arts and media trends and entainment technologies and their power to transform.

SAVE THE DATE! 9/22/2012
« Creating a better future through arts and media…. »
Thought provoking speakers and panelists:

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Dr. Robert Bilder

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Mikki Willis

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Sandra Buffington

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Anthony Marinelli

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Pamela Smith

 SO!™ Conferences   Home 2012

Jill Gurr

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Janine Jordan
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The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity with the Electronic Music Alliance, and The Millennium Project presents STATE OF THE ARTS 2012: AMPLIFY!

The c3: Center for Conscious Creativity serves as a partner of the Global Arts and Media Node of The Millennium Project, an international futurist think tank that addresses global challenges and solutions. Since 2010 the c3 has produced an event called State of the Arts to address future trends in the arts and media and how these powerful communication tools can be used for socially beneficial good, resulting in a better future.

This year the State of the Arts 2012 AMPLIFY! symposium is immersive, exclusive and designed to present a unique perspective on the cutting edge trends in the arts and media and their effect on education, society and culture. Set in The Vortex Dome at LA Center Studios, the goal of the symposium is to illicit a dialogue around consciousness and creativity, the function of art and media in education and society, and how emerging technologies are broadening the storyteller’s landscape. We wll also explore the phenomenal popularity of the Electronic Music Dance culture and PLUR through our collaboration with the EMA: Electronic Music Alliance.

The State of the Arts 2012 immersive symposium will highlight the unique marriage of art, media, education and technology in our evolving tech-driven age and to look at the future with a perspective on socially beneficial storytelling and content, how the power of Arts, Media and Entertainment can effect consciousness and catalyze individual, educational, social and global transformation. Special attention is paid to the 15 Global Challenges and solutions presented by The Millennium Project as covered in their annual STATE OF THE FUTURE report.

This year we are pleased to introduce the seed of a new idea incubated by the c3 called f2: FUTUREFEST. This experiential showcase features cutting-edge immersive entertainment technology exhibits, an arts and performance showcase, music, dance, 360 film, and new types of educational experiences as LA’s first ever fulldome immersive showcase sponsored by IMERSA and c3: CreateLAB.

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